Monday, January 24, 2011



                                  What can I say about food?

I am pretty sure that in this first week I have gained at least five pounds.

I don’t even wonder about what I am eating anymore, I just eat it. Of course my family does explain everything to me. They have gotten to telling me after every meal that I eat too little. For me I am eating way more than normal. I stuff myself until I feel like I am about to throw up. But I haven’t encountered anything that I haven’t liked.  And if you know me well, you have probably heard me say, “My tummy hurts,” or “I can’t eat that because of my stomach,” and I have major stomach issues. Well, so far here, nothing has bothered me, and that is saying a lot!

I told my mama tica that sometimes in the US I don’t eat breakfast and she was so surprised by this. Yesterday my breakfast consisted of this thing that was the size of a pancake but was made with eggs and fideo, freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee, gallo pinto (this is with every breakfast),  fresh fruit, and sooo much more. Seriously, I can’t eat this much for ONE meal, let alone three.  

I wish I could bring home this food for all of you to try. I am going to try and get some recipes before I leave and maybe make some of it when I get back.

Seriously, food is a big deal.


  1. Im up for it haha!

  2. Maybe your tummy just doesnt like overly processed american food. You need to stick to the basics!

  3. Yummy!
    Bring us those recipes!