Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is "Homesickness" Even a Real Word??

So it’s been a while since I last updated you all. Nothing really exciting has happened. I will hopefully be going on an adventure this weekend that will be far more interesting than my weekends have been in Heredia.

So with nothing too exciting happening here, I am just gonna update you with where I am at.


I knew going into this, the first few weeks would be the hardest. But to be honest, I am doing much better than I thought I would be doing. I literally thought for the first two weeks I would be crying myself to sleep every night and not be able to communicate with my family at all. So, homesickness hasn’t hit me too hard. But it’s just the little things that get me.

Let me tell you how this study abroad happened, cause it is relevant to this topic.
Thought Process: Hmmmm, I want to study abroad.
                                Hmmmm, I want to go to Spain, but hello, that is WAY too expensive. How does anyone afford a whole semester there?!
                                Costa Rica sounds cool. I will be just like Hawai’i, but in Spanish.

It will be just like Hawai’i, but in Spanish. I thought that would make me NOT be homesick, but it is kind of having the opposite effect. And I think it is because there are things that totally remind me of home, and then right there is something so extremely different from what I would experience at home. When we went to Jacó, I was looking out the windows of the bus and for a second couldn’t remember where I was. Then there are the geckos, which I really like hearing, and I am pretty sure one is living in my bookshelf, and the flowers and fruits that are the same, and there are always roosters crowing too.

Totally thinking of Hawai’i.

Then on Sunday I went to a mall with my family to see a movie. I was walking around with my little sister and all I was thinking of was going to Fashion Square with my sister. Then at the movies, there was a preview for Secretariat, which I saw in Arizona. Definitely started tearing up a bit. And yesterday I had this strong desire to want to go to Home Depot, and I do not even like going to Home Depot. I feel like it comes for brief moments and then it goes away. I keep myself pretty busy so I haven’t found myself absolutely miserable. I will admit, though, that I am counting down the days till I go back to Arizona. There are just things I miss, like Sonic, and toilet paper, and not being stared at or called after by guys (machismo is HUGE here, and annoying), and TRAFFIC LAWS, living without bars around a house or on the windows.

Yeah so that is about all. It’s not that bad, but like I said, it is just the little things that get me.

Here are some pics of Heredia.   
 View from my room. Beautiful sunsets!
 Another view, towards San Jose.
 Statue in front of the Church.
 Another Statue.
The Church.

Hopefully this weekend will be more interesting and full of lots of stories. I am planning a trip already and it is going to be epic!

Hasta Luego!


  1. Oh,I wish you were at Fashion Square with me too! And if it makes you feel any better Flagstaff is supposed to have a windchill of
    -15!!!!!! Enjoy where you are this semester!

  2. Excellent blog! Am planning that trip to Home Depot for your homecoming!
    Your mama.

  3. Oh, I miss Costa Rica so! Looks just the same. Enjoy your time, it'll get better ... but ya, homesickness sucks. Ali.
    p.s. that tica food sneaks up on ya. ;)

  4. Good introspective article. You're growing baby girl, and you will be back home soon.

  5. Rock on, Riley! I know it can be rough but you are awesome. :)

  6. Riley you are doing such a geat job and I am so proud! Have a great weekend!