Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Good Old U.S. of A

Okay so I am totally enjoying my time here, but already there are things that I miss about the US. I started a list last night and already there are a lot of things.

Being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet.

Using my camera without fear that someone will grab it out of my hands.

I will never say that people in the States are crazy drivers.

To go along with that: traffic laws and pedestrians having the right of way.

Trash cans in public areas. For a country that is so environmentally conscious, there sure is a lot of trash everywhere.

The fact that dogs are actually pets and aren't wandering all of the streets.

For the most part, people are aware of noise pollution.


  1. We should have gotten you a little point and shoot for your everyday use! I didn't think of that!

  2. Maybe you can buy a disposable!

  3. Riley I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your experiences. What a kick! That food sounds wonderful and your family sounds amazing.
    Love Nina

  4. I'm sure you'll stay safe, and I know you'll be sad when you leave! :) Enjoy it. I'm praying for you. :)