Monday, May 2, 2011

The End of a Chapter

Last Friday we had the goodbye party for all the Costa Rica USAC students (there are two other programs in other towns). While I don't know any of the students from Puntarenas or San Ramon, it was so good to be with everyone from Heredia. I always love the events when we all get together (Jaco, Nicaragua/Guanacaste, Arenal and now this). It's amazing that a group of 60 students can get along so well. There is almost never any conflicts between us. 
Any way, we were all hanging out at the party and music was playing. One of the things I will miss is hearing the silly songs that are so popular here. This is hands down one of the most popular songs here and I cannot even begin to count how many times I have heard it. And it just makes me want to laugh and dance at the same time. 

Friday was the first time that I got really sad about leaving. I will miss everyone in this program, after seeing everyone almost everyday for a semester and travelling around with them, and then not knowing when I will see them next is such a sad thought. I will miss Heredia, and seeing my gringo friends while I am out and about in a country of ticos (BTW gringo is no longer a derogatory term so don't take offense. It's totally okay to be called gringo). I will also miss Spanish everywhere, even though it is sometimes confusing. I was at a copy shop this morning trying to print something out for class and my professor showed up. The lady at the store tried to tell me something and I had no clue what it was (I am blaming it on the fact that I only had 5 hours of sleep). Thankfully my teacher was there to clarify it for me (although I am positive she was probably thinking I should have understood what was going on). I am definitely gonna miss my host family. There is no way I can express enough gratitude to them for sharing their home with me.

I won't miss my classes, or the trash, or the fear of being robbed at gunpoint. I also won't miss the lack of refrigeration of products that in the US are always refrigerated. 

The countdown is at 10 days as of tomorrow. And I am satisfied with this semester. 

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